Let me start by saying that I love being a student. I love learning and being in the atmosphere of the university. If I could, I would be a professional student for the rest of my rest. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

However, now that I’m in fourth year, reality has set in and I’ve been looking into what I’m going to do after graduation, and what career path I will take for the rest of my life.

So I did what I normally do – start researching like crazy. After all, research is one of the things I am best at. I researched graduate schools, volunteer and job opportunities. And I took my intense research and used it to make spreadsheets, word documents and everything else you could think of.

And I began talking to a lot of friends in the same situation as me about my research. Many were interested, because they were having difficulties with their own research.

And I realized that there was no place that was a compilation of all the resources that a history student might need. Graduate school information, job offers and volunteer opportunities are spread out everywhere. So my goal with this blog is to provide a place for links to all the places that a history student might need.

I will also be using the blog to link to interesting history articles or pictures. I will be writing posts on specific historical interests of mine, as well as things that I experience that I feel is relevant to the field.

So I hope this blog is useful and interesting to you all. Bringing history to the masses is a passion of mine. So thank you for stopping by and have fun perusing!