Canadian History is gaining the attention of the Canadian Government, which in turn is drawing ire from scholars.

The Canadian government has pledged $12 million to promoting Canadian History. In their view, this will increase patriotism and help kids understand better the country that they are going up in.

However this new attention is causing some to worry. An issue we have previously looked at on this blog is the changing of the Canadian Museum of Civilization to the Canadian Museum of history, with some suggesting it allows the government to use Canadian history to further its political agenda.

As well, some scholars are taking issue with how Canadian history is being presented – suggesting its content is overly militaristic and not properly representative of Canadian history as a whole.

Here at The History Hub, we think any government funding focusing on history education is great – we will have to wait to see if the new museum will have a biased view or if it will cover Canadian history as a whole – the good and the bad.