And in today’s episode of humanity losing common sense…

In 2011, a man opened a thematic restaurant in Indonesia. This, on its own, doesn’t seem overly problematic.

But the theme in question?


Slightly more problematic.

The restaurant has obviously sparked controversy. It features Nazi memorabilia, including swastikas and photos of Adolf Hitler. The wait staff dresses in military style uniforms.

In the resulting outrage, the owner has defended himself, explaining his motives for opening the restaurant to be financial, and not racial hatred.

A money-maker or not, the fact that this type of establishment can open and function for two years shows a disturbing disconnect and lack of empathy. The Holocaust resulted in the death of millions of people – particularly those who the Nazi’s viewed as inferior.

With this reality in mind, how can one then open a restaurant themed on Nazism – literally making money off the backs of the millions of people who suffered and died?

Hopefully the controversy will ensure the closure of this shameful restaurant.

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